1. 2014 Housewarming Party FM conference 

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  2. "Not having anything at all means a chance to have greater dreams." —Yoochun. Happy Birthday to my DB5K bias, Park Yoochun! #Happy6002Day

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  3. ୨୧ᕼᗩᑭᑭY ᗷIᖇTᕼᗞᗩY୨୧

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    ↳ A term used to describe a fan of the Korean pop group TVXQ (usually fans of all original five members of said group) when they are in a state of sadness when thinking about how the group used to be together as five. This could be triggered by events such as award ceremonies, lawsuit news, sad fanmade videos/art/fiction, anniversaries, fan wars, or news of the success/setback of other k-pop groups.

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  6. jun-su:

    junsu for singles june 2014: '찬란한 끌림,김준수'

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    There are some things, we don’t want to happen, but have to accept;

    There are some things, we are not aware of, yet we have to understand;

    There are some people, we can’t do without, but we must learn…

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  9. - "If i'm like fire, Changmin is like water"

    The only water that can put Yunho's flaming passion out.

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